Thanks In Advance For Your Support ❤️
Thanks In Advance For Your Support ❤️
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How to import MPC Expansions (Standalone)

  1. Follow along with the video once you have downloaded your MPC Expansion to your computer and have imported the expansion to your MPC Software. If you're not sure how to do that Click Here.
  2. Next, connect your MPC Hardware (MPC LIVE, MPC X) to your computer via USB midi cable and enter into controller mode on your hardware while your MPC software is open. Note: you can also import expansions into the Akai Force by using this video, but instead of entering into controller mode like on the MPC's, you would enter into Computer Mode.
  3. Next, follow along with the video. Your XPN file will be located in a folder called "MPC EXP-XPN FILE-Software"


If you do not want to use the software at all follow these steps.
  1. Connect your MPC/Force to your computer via USB midi cable.
  2. Put your MPC/Force in controller mode (computer mode for the Force)
  3. You should now see your removable drives (SD Card, installed HD) located on your computer.
  4. Open the removable drive that you want to store your new expansion
  5. Located your folder called "Expansions" on your drive. (If you don't have one create one, but not inside another folder).
  6. In your new expansion folder called "Standalone Files". There is a folder that will have the name of the expansion and all of the stems inside. Copy this folder in your "expansions" folder on your removable drive.
  7. Once copied, you can now disconnect from your computer