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Thanks In Advance For Your Support ❤️
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Make a Beat With Me Course

Make a Beat With Me Course

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What Is This Course About?

I've received a lot of questions on how I make beats on the MPC. I decided to create a step by step course to help those who are beginners on the MPC. This is perfect for those who has just purchased their MPC, making their firsts couple of beats on the MPC, or those coming from a different hardware workflow. Course made with MPC 2.10

I literally take you step by step on how I make a beat on the MPC all while explaining the different functions on the MPC. I include the drums that I use and by the end of this course your beat will sound just like mine.. MAKING A BEAT WITH ME! 
If you want you can add your own twist to the beat that's cool! I would love to hear your final beat. Submit it in my free Discord so I can check it out (link below).
You will receive
  • 2 videos (over 2 hours of content)
  • Included drum sound pack to load into your MPC 
  • Reference PDF 
In this course I show you:
  • Starting a new project
  • Use pad perform mode
  • Use plugins to make melodies
  • Fix mistakes in Grid mode
  • Explanation of recording features
  • Song Mode
  • Export Song/ Export Stems
  • How to use 16 levels (incl tips & tricks)
  • Load and create drum programs
  • Assign colors to pads
  • Explanation of main screen and features
  • Explanation of my workflow
  • Details of how I started making beats
  • How I use the metronome
  • Using effects / adding effects to sounds
  • How to arrange a beat
  • How to use the Erase function